Ludwig Heyde – Weight of Finitude (NL->EN)

A small translation of bits and bops of Ludwig Heyde’s Het Gewicht van de Eindigheid, or The Weight of Finitude.

Ludwig Heyde was a professor of philosophy at the Dutch university in Nijmegen. He was also one of the few whole hearted Hegelians in the philosophical spectrum of the 80s and 90s in the Netherlands. Next to this book, which is on the question of God, he wrote on Hegel’s political philosophy (De Verwerkelijking van de Vrijheid) and human dignity (De Maat van de Mens). He has also published numerous articles in peer reviewed philosophy journals.

EDIT: the aim of my translation was to be twofold. On the one hand it gave me an opportunity to practice. On the other hand, I wanted to show the relevance of translating Dutch books in philosophy for the English speaking world. However, it turns out this book has already been translated as a whole: