Jean Grenier – The Choice (FR -> EN)

Below links to part of a translation from Jean Greniers book La Choix – The Choice.

Jean Grenier was a French Philosopher working in Algiers. In his work he develops themes traditional for French philosophy, but also betraying an interest in the then new phenomenology. Furthermore, he had an interest in non-Western philosophy, although I’m not certain to which extend he intended to do more than just borrow what he found useful.

He is of interest for being the teacher of Albert Camus. Arguably, a proper understanding of Camus’ text is not possible without noticing the occurrence of the exact same problematic and vocabulary in the work of Grenier. Notably, in the work of the master, all these themes seem highly traditional, which makes one wonder in what respect putting Camus in the same group as authors like Sartre could ever be fair.

The translation is mine (HvS), but also a work in progress. It is provisional.



Part I

1. The Philosophical feeling: to go past each other

Part II

Part II